Kervers  Residence, Beyond Development, Hayborough
Grainger Rd Development, Somerton Park
Munro Additions Interior
Melville St Sdditions, Plympton
Bassi St eHouse
Grainger Rd Development
Carlow St Residence Interior

Bennett St Development, Brighton
Munro Additions, Glenelg
Carlow St eHouse, Sturt
Bassi St eHouse, Marion
Bassi St eHouse, Interior
Grainger Development Interior
Munro Additions
Salt e-House pty ltd was formed specifically to build environmentally sustainable housing.
  • to provide real environmental solutions to excess energy use and water use in each home
  • to increase awareness that environmental solutions are economic solutions.
  • to reduce the economic burden of a home mortgage
  • to facilitate early home ownership
  • to continually innovate to achieve these goals
Key features
  • Flexible and efficient space planning
  • Consideration of embodied energy of materials, in-use costs and end of use disposability
  • Incorporation of solar PV power generation and use, and onsite re-use of rain and waste water.
  • Reduced energy consumption using best practice construction techniques and passive solar design.
  • Ongoing research into power and water technologies for future integration into house designs.